Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Introduction to the Hermetic Order of the Prophets of Thelema

Since I first ‘purged’ the magick of the Aeon of Horus I have shared the secrets of the Thelemite method of magick with many students of the occult arts. Sharing this knowledge of the Sacred Magick with others has helped me to forge these instructions into a coherent and concise curriculum of studies and practices designed to prepare and equip Thelemites for the Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel.
In accordance with the instructions in the Book of the Law I have rehabilitated the Magick of the past aeon and the Hermetic School that instructs Neophytes in the Sacred Magick. Experience has taught me that it is best for students of High Magick to work alone, most especially at the beginning of their path, and so avoid having their own Great Work muddied by the work of another. Likewise I have found that it is best to maintain a distance between myself and my students, restricting contact with them to the minimal required for instruction and initiation in the Hermetic arts. It is with this in mind that I have constructed and published the instructions of my Hermetic Order in such a manner that solitary students everywhere can have access to the teachings of Hermetic Thelema and also a Master in Magick so that they may pursue their studies alone.
My ultimate intention is to develop a truly Thelemite school of magick having as many trained Adepts as possible, each able to establish and operate their own temples of initiation, autonomous of one another and yet following uniformly the discipline that I have deciphered from the instructions in the Book of the Law. As an initial step towards this goal I have published the basic instructions for the Neophyte in Magick at http://prophetsofthelema.blogspot.com/ to make the entry level material available to ALL. In this way the students of High Magick that have the endurance and the fortitude to persist with their Great Work for long enough to complete this elementary instruction can have personal instruction and guidance through the grades of the Hermetic Order of the Prophets of Thelema.

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